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Feel the Radiant Energy of Asia.

If no one has ever thrown you a surprise party, don’t worry. Unexpected joy is waiting for you behind every pagoda, down every hutong, and inside every bowl brimming with Japanese noodles on an exhilarating Asia vacation. Whether you hop on a rickshaw, cyclo, or tuktuk, you’re in for the ride of your life. Ancient traditions and modern marvels will delight, charm and thrill you, as will the exciting ways to embrace them. Join the festivities as you practice the art of calligraphy in Japan or gracefully cast a net into the fish-filled waters of Vietnam. Going beyond the neon-lit streets of Tokyo, the electrifying experiences keep coming as we take you farther into the Far East – leading you inside the sacred temples, up to the mystic mountaintops, and down to the floating villages below. A daily celebration of customs, culture and cuisine awaits in surprising Asia. And you’re on the guest list.

A Touch of Asia

An Asia vacation will touch your heart with cultural textures that span the ancient and modern worlds. Your heart will be touched by the monument to love at India’s Taj Mahal. You’ll feel the warmth and patience behind each dish you savour and feel the joy of age-old traditions come to life through music and dance. Your imagination will be sparked by exploring timeless temples and time spent in the mystic beauty of nature. Like the warm cup of tea in your hand, your heart will feel the welcoming spirit of Asia’s people and the stirring soul of art and architecture in abundance.  What will touch you in the wondrous worlds of Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India? 

A Culinary Continent

When do you resist resisting temptation? Miso, sushi, or curry. Sake, tea, or beer. Any way your pour it, you’ll find no shortage of delicacies and favorite foods to accompany the culinary expressions of the unique cultures throughout Asia. Drink in the traditions of tea ceremonies and slurp up family recipes with noodles and dumplings. Our advice: Try it all on an Asia tour!

Which Worlds Speak to You? 

Old and New Meet in Ancient and Moderns Worlds. 

Golden Buddhas or limestone caves. Quiet afternoons in a Japanese garden, a walk through a farming village, or gusty speeds of a bullet train. The clatter of rickshaw traffic or the silent wake of a fisherman’s boat. The glitzy skyscrapers of Dubai or the silk cotton trees of Angkor. Old, new, past, and future blend together in harmony throughout the legendary cities and lush landscapes on an Asia tour.