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We deliver experiences that go beyond the globe’s go-to landmarks to get you up close to our Local Favorites – and favorite locals – while presenting you the greatest menu of touring styles to experience the world in the “wow” ways and great travel deals

Every Way in the World to See the World.

Wow is Waiting!


There’s globetrotting and there’s Globus-trotting – a big step up! With 12 different touring styles, Globus delivers you the choices you crave with the broadest menu of touring styles available by any travel company. Ever. From the classic tours that made us famous to new, passion-packed Choice vacations; independent and private tours to off-season and off-the-beaten-path journeys, Globus has a travel style and itinerary to match every wayfarer, every wanderer and every budget. Globus-trot your way to “wow!.” This is #TouringBeyond.

Explore Tours

Travel isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. So we propose a variety of ways to explore the world – near and far, off-the-beaten-path, into the iconic, or out on your own. No matter your travel style, one thing is certain: you’ll never need to worry about planning, logistics, transportation, accommodations, or expert guidance no matter where you go. Choose a vacation that’s packed with classic sightseeing, brimming with bold adventure, stuffed with surprising discoveries, or bursting at the seams with the free time you crave. So go ahead, make your escape, gather a group of friends and family, explore the road less travelled, or decide where the day will lead you with the vacation that fits your style perfectly!


    Choice Touring

    Love to tour but fancy a bit more freedom? This exciting touring style from Globus invites you to infuse more freedom, flexibility and fun on tour by spending your days, your way with an exciting variety of YourChoice Excursions included in the price of itineraries throughout Europe and North America.

    Undiscovered Tours

    Globus’ exclusive series of Undiscovered Tours throughout Europe and North America invite you to explore the world, off-the-beaten-piazzas, and picture-perfect landscapes where you can enjoy fewer crowds and more wonder thanks to up-close and unexpected discoveries.

    Escapes by Globus

    Enjoy thinner crowds and thicker wallets when you explore the world between November and March on an exclusive series of Escapes by Globus that feature perfectly planned touring itineraries and everything you love about Globus, for up to 40% less!

    Independence by Globus

    Independence by Globus vacations invite you to enjoy the many benefits of touring, untethered and unscheduled free time included – to cure your curiosities and discover new destinations on your own with confidence thanks to on-the-go-support from our team of travel experts.

High Praise

As the gold standard for escorted touring, Globus raises the bar for excellence with 90-plus years of sharing the world with travellers.  We are grateful to be named 'Best Escorted Tour Operator' more times than we can count, we never rest on our laurels. Being recognized by our esteemed peers and travel enthusiasts is always an honor, but our greatest reward is the happiness of each and every Globus guest!