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Welcome to Globus’ News Room where you can learn more about our legacy and our vacations. We were the original original back in 1928. And we’ve spent nearly 90 years continuing to be an original by consistently bringing new, fresh, inventive ideas to the world of travel. If you haven’t taken a closer look, now’s your chance. Here, you have access to product press releases, insight into why touring is a popular choice and more.

About Globus

When we envision the perfect vacation, we see great hotels, amazing food, incredible sightseeing and above all, we imagine creating memories galore! What we don't picture is what it takes to organize a jaw-dropping, stress-free getaway. From transportation to hotels; and from researching must-see attractions to organizing daily schedules, planning a vacation is no easy task.

That's where a tour comes in. On a tour, a professional handles all the details, logistics and scheduling for you.

Plus, a tour offers travellers several benefits they wouldn't get if travelling on their own. Below are eight benefits of – and reasons to take – a touring vacation:

    1. We're all about hidden gems, not hidden charges.
    Everyone loves extras – until they're charged extra. So we throw in more visits, toss in more experiences, and include more sightseeing, all in the price of the vacation. So the only surprises you'll encounter are the ones we have thoughtfully planned for you.

    2. We rest where the action is.
    A hotel can have the crispest sheets, the fluffiest towels and the tastiest pillow mints, but if it's not near the sights, what good is it? Not much in our opinion. We look for crisp sheets and fluffy towels in the heart of our destinations. Because what you love just as much as the sights is waking up right next to them.

    3. Roam if you want to.
    Many travel operators tend to overschedule, instilling the need for a vacation after your vacation. We weave in just the right amount of free time for individual exploration, quiet reflection, or a book and a latte at a sidewalk café.

    4. There's scenery – and then there's the scene.
    No one is more immersed in local culture than Globus Tour Directors and Local Guides. Our experts bring our destinations to life with firsthand, in-depth knowledge of their cities, towns and neighborhoods. They speak the language. They know the history. They know where to find the legendary pastries.

    5. When you know the ropes of travel, you know how to get in front of them.
    We don't just travel, we travel right. We work hard behind the scenes to get you front and center at the world's greatest sights. We minimize lines, minimize wait times and maximize fun.

    6. Let's make it personal.
    A night at the theatre in London? A serenaded canal cruise in Venice? With MyGlobus?, you can plan your dream experiences before you arrive at your destinations. In addition to the excursions we have in store, you can preview and preregister for more magical moments tailored to your specific tastes.

    7. You can look in. Or you can jump in.
    An overnight stay at a French chateau. A fishing lesson in Vietnam. A cooking class at the home of a Cape Town family. These are just a few of the out of the ordinary adventures we call Local Favorites?. No cookie-cutter itineraries here. Just delicious experiences that will give you a true local perspective.

    8. Stay connected while disconnecting.
    While disconnecting from the stresses of life on vacation, you still want instant access to weather, maps, reviews and more. With free Wi-Fi on the coach and in most of our hotels, you get the tips they need immediately. And there's no waiting to instill envy among friends, as you can share your photos while you're there.

    Watch & Learn

    An ordinary vacation is passive. An extraordinary vacation is called a tour. More precisely, a Globus tour. Because on a Globus tour you do; you make; you create; you experience. On a Globus escorted tour you see all the popular sites, but then you head off the beaten path to truly experience your destination. We take you behind the scenes to spotlight what makes these exciting destinations unique — and to introduce you to its local flavors.
    Learn about the benefits of escorted tours with Globus by viewing our travel videos.

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