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Local Host Picks

Medellin Botanic Gardens

Just next to the metro station of Universidad, free visits are available to explore the 40-acre Medellin Botanic Gardens - a tropical forest in the heart of the city. See the impressive palm garden, healing plants, the house of the butterflies and the orchid garden among many others. You can also find several restaurants inside the Botanic Gardens too. It’s a great way to experience this “City of Eternal Spring.”

Parque Arvi

Step outside the city and into nature. Parque Arvi is a beautiful natural park located in the town of Santa Elena is accessible by cable car from Medellin, at the Metro Station of Acevedo. Take the Cable Car to Santo Domingo and then from there you can get to Parque Arvi by another cable car. Once there you will reach the cloud forest, with several trails to enjoy the nature outside the bustle of the city.

Nighttime at “Parque Lleras”

Be sure to take some time to stroll around this trendy area in Medellin in the evening. This area offers a huge selection of restaurants, shopping, and bars. Check out the famous restaurant “El Cielo” (reservation required) and the Envy Rooftop Bar at the Charlee Hotel.