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Dream Together

In this moment when it feels like everything around us is at a standstill, one thing we know – without question and with our whole hearts – is that dreaming doesn’t stop.

Dreaming invites us to explore the memories waiting for us … Dreams of standing at the footsteps of the pyramids, breathing-in pure wonder … Sailing on the world’s rivers, awestruck by clifftop castles, hillside vineyards and ancient fairytale villages passing by … Walking cobblestones less travelled to explore the unknown … Venturing from crags to caverns and volcanoes to valleys to find sun-washed cities and moonlit bays.

So, while the world awaits better, brighter days, let’s rise together and dream about them. Roam destinations from your recliner. Enjoy armchair adventures. Spend a few minutes sofa sightseeing.

Go ahead. Let your mind wander. Let’s make the most of this layover, together.